Spring will be here one of these days and the city of Gilman would like to remind residents and contractors that in most cases a permit and inspection  are required. 

The ordinance reads: “No buildings, dwellings, or structures shall be erected, constructed, altered, expanded, dismantled, placed or excavation done without prior inspection by the building inspector and a building permit being issued by said inspector.”

Swimming pools also require a permit.

Permits are not required when:

A. Recurring maintenance of structures, dwellings, or buildings;

B. Remodeling;

C. On farms where five acres or more are involved;

 D. Accessory buildings covering less than eighty square feet, being less than seventy-five inches tall and not permanently fixed to the ground shall need a permit, but no charge will be made. All yard requirements shall be met.

Application for building permits shall be made available at the office of the city clerk.