Full remote learning is now an option for Iroquois West students and forms have been sent out to parents in the district IW Superintendent Angelo Lekkas said Tuesday, noting the option was made available by the state.

Lekkas said that 564 parents/guardians have returned forms with their choice for the format they want for their children when the school year starts.

Of those responding 81 per cent say they want their kids back in the classroom while 16 per cent prefer full remote and three per cent plan to do in-home schooling.

Having those figures in hand means the district can begin the process of working with families on remote learning, and doing what best fits their situation, Lekkas said.

Each building has its own individual plan which fit the grade levels they’re working with.

Lekkas said there are live components for remote learning with some being all-live and others with combination with work that is sent home. All students will have live contact with a teacher.

As it stands now all IW buildings will start at their regular time in the morning with classes ending around noon to 12:30.

Students are expected to be taking part in sessions that are online from 2:00-3:30.

There will be a community meeting at 6 p.m., Aug. 11 in the high school cafeteria on school plans, building updates, budget assumptions and other items for open discussion.