Dear John (Boma) I have started this letter 10-15 times but simply don’t know what to say. He was one of the inspirational figures in my life and I just can’t seem to deal with the struggle he faced. I can’t imagine what he went through; I know I would have given up once I heard the diagnosis but he fought the fight which is typical of him. He fought his whole life. He may not have gotten the breaks in his career like others have; he may not have gotten the jobs he deserved. Early in his coaching career life was typical of a small school football coach and father. He taught all day long, went to practice, then went to work at Hicks to try and make a few extra bucks to help his growing family- the family that he missed on those long nights at the gas station-missing sleep as well as he worked evenings after ball games; all those long nights he spent with his trusty yellow legal pad, jotting down plays and thinking of schemes we could run against the next week’s opponent.