On Oct. 31, the Illinois State Board of Education released the new ESSA School Report Card.  This report shows how the state and each school district is progressing on a variety of educational goals ranging from student achievement to district finances.  

In addition, this year the report includes a performance designation for each school in the state.  These ratings are given based on numerous indicators that include student performance on state testing, student attendance, and graduation rate. While the ESSA plan looks at the school as a whole, there is an increased focus on how subgroups of students are performing.  

How Each Building Was Rated

Gilman Elementary, The Upper Elementary, and the High School have all received “Commendable” ratings.  

Iroquois West Middle School received a rating of “Underperforming.” This designation was given as a result of the composite score of the special education subgroup.

Danforth Elementary is not rated due to the age level served.