Onarga village trustees and vil-lage president Shane Cultra found two subjects Monday night on which they could not come to an agreement:The use of TIF funds and committee assignments made in the wake of the most recent municipal election where Trustee Sarah Barnett ran against Cultra for the president’s job.

It is projected that Onarga will have as much as $225,000 in their TIF (tax increment financing) account with the idea that money will be spent as part of a project to re-pair the sidewalks in the downtown business area.

The board has also received a request for a loan for a local business to help fix a building and Cultra and some trustees discussed the possibility of helping a local firm via a loan using the TIF funds. Cul-tra had at one point said it would be proper to help a business that’s been a key part of the local economy for over 50 years.