The Unit 10 boards have run a pretty lean ship the past few years after and the annual audit which the district received Monday night seemed to bear that out. The Russell Leigh auditor told the board their financial report was a “clean” one and noted that Iroquois West is on the recognition list from the state with a 4.0 rating: “That’s as good as you can get.” Some points made during the budget discussion:

•The district has $7,146,000 in the education fund which is more than six months work in the bank: “The ed fund is in real good shape.” However there are some concerns about what the state will do with the budget, especially in light of the fact a change in the tax rates which was Gov. JB Pritzker’s pet election issue went down.

•There is a small deficit in the operations and maintenance fund which the auditor says is good for a small district.

•There is a balance of $27,000 in the transportation fund which is low since those funds which may the first to be cut by the state.

•There is a good balance in the IMRF fund.

•Special education expenses are up. •There is income of $6.46 million in total instruction income and $6.11 in expenses which is good.