Go-Getters Hold  Scavenger Hunt

   The Ashkum G-Getters 4-H club held an outdoor photo scavenger hunt and this team team finished first, led by junior leader Nik Hanson.  From the top are Elliott Finegan, Odelia Kirkpatrick, Maddy Bussian, Fulton Kirkpatrick, Haley Behrends and Hanson.

The June 12 meeting of the Ashkum Go-Getters was called to order by President Dylan Behrends at 9:35 a.m. at the Ashkum Park. Pledges were led by Elizabeth Fatka. Roll call was taken by sign in sheet that was passed around at the meeting. There were 11 4-H members, four 4-H leaders, four guests and six Cloverbuds present at the meeting. The treasurer’s report was read by Riley Behrends and approved; the Health and Safety Report was written and read by Laney Bussian on “Bicycle Safety.” For old business, Nik Hanson, Christa Hickman, Bryce Hensler, Riley Behrends, and Haley Behrends were thanked for planting flowers around Ashkum. Special thanks went out to those 4-H members that participated in the March Memorial Day. There were 14 members of 4-H that participated. The Blood Drive is scheduled for Tuesday June 15. The Iroquois County Fair is on for this year. There will be modifications to different 4-H events but nothing has been announced yet. In new business, it was decided to do the discount card fundraiser for the 2021-2022 year.