Jeffrey Kim Rinkenberger Of Gilman

Jeffrey Kim Rinkenberger, 65, of Gilman, would like you to know his work here is done, as of March 6, 2021. Born in 1956, he celebrated his final birthday on February 21. For those of you who new him, 65 is a really long time in Jeff years. He died running into a burning building to save cases of beer and as much medicine (whiskey) as his arms could carry. Not really. We believe the actual cause of death was the sponge bath given him during the brief hospital stay. The nurse reported his last words being, “you’ll have that on a big job.” Also not true, but he loved a good story.

He leaves behind five kids, a couple ex-wives, one brother, one sister, two nieces, five nephews, nine grandkids and a TON of friends.

Favorite daughter, Kristi (Harold) Tippie; sons, Ryan (Amanda) Rinkenberger, Kaleb (Ashley) Hartke, Cory Maki and Logan (Kelsey) Rinkenberger; big brother, Rocky (Dolly) Lavoie; baby sister, Roxanne (Billy) Kochenberger; grandkids, Macy, Laney and Piper Tippie, Vylet, Gabe, Marissa, Vinny and Patryn Rinkenberger and Gabi Nunez; and nieces, Tina Schurter and Jennifer Dincler; nephews, Rocky and Andy Nelson, Christopher, Jesse and Patrick Lavoie.