Another mass shooting, this time in Texas, claimed 26 innocent lives ranging from five years of age to 72. There are another 20 victims with minor to life threatening injuries that could make the death toll rise. Typically, from conservatives from the President of the United States to the Texas governor and throughout the upper echelons of our government, just as when 58 lives were lost and another 489 were wounded in Las Vegas at the hands of another domestic attacker, the call is for “thoughts and prayers” for the victims and their families, but nothing else. We did hear indignation when a lone radicalized Muslim terrorist used a rented truck to kill eight people in Lower Manhattan. It’s likely that after Texas we will again hear, in the coming days, just as after Las Vegas, that “now is not the time to politicize this.” Considering the influence that the gun industry has over our elected officials it’s more likely that we will get stricter background checks on truck rentals than on gun purchases; it’s more likely that Congress will pass size limits on rental vehicles than on ammo magazines.