Dear Editor,

These have certainly been difficult times for us all. People are hurting and everyone has been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak and by the government’s actions in response. As your state representative I have been working overtime talking with the people of our area and finding answers to your questions about how we are going to get through this emergency.

Moving forward, the legislature is going to have serious challenges to address. We will need to be involved in the re-opening process, as government by executive order can only accomplish so much for so long.

Our first priority upon returning to session should be to pass a balanced budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, one which funds our important priorities and makes sure our health care sector has the support it needs from state government to continue meeting this challenge.

But there are other things we need to do to get the state’s economy safely moving again. Health and safety must be our paramount concern, but we must get people back to work as soon as we can.