Kris Kobach is the Kansas Secretary of State! In that capacity he has implemented some of the strictest voter ID laws in the United States in Kansas, and has fought tenaciously to remove nearly 20,000 properly and legally registered voters from that state's voter rolls in what appears to be his all-out assault on voter rights, i.e., voters that don’t vote in his column. Kobach also launched a nationwide program called Interstate Crosscheck to compare voter registration data across states to flush out cases of double or fraudulent voting. The program has been picked up and promoted by the Republican Party and has since expanded to 30 states, but it’s been controversial from the start. Its result has been very few actual cases of fraud being brought to prosecution and it is often turning out to be clerical errors. While the program has labeled 7.2 million voters as possible double registrants, only four have actually been charged with deliberate double registration or double voting. Even as some states are dropping out of the program due to doubts about the reliability of its data the program persists and is suspected to have disenfranchised thousands of legal voters. Often “provisional ballots” are given to challenged voters (usually voters of color) and are never counted. Several nonpartisan studies have reached a consensus that the entire program is an act of voter suppression. It’s true that there can be people registered in more than one state or precinct although it’s not part of a conspiracy. Often people move and never think to go back and have their names taken off at the old address. How many of us have had a parent die and simply failed to have their names removed from the voter rolls?