The purpose of this Letter to the Editor is to provide some comments about an article titled “A Future For American Healthcare” by Russ Mann in the June 29 Gilman Star. At the end of the article Mr. Mann provides a final “NOTE: The US lags behind 71 industrialized nations that have universal healthcare for their people including Costa Rica, Cuba, Botswana, India etc., and 28 have single-payer universal health care.” By that statement, Mr. Mann seems to be saying that he is an advocate of a single-payer universal healthcare system. The “single-payer” in that system would be the federal government. Great Britain has a single-payer universal healthcare system and would be included in the “71 industrialized nations” mentioned above. An article titled “Saving Charlie Gard’ appeared in the July 8-9 issue of the Wall Street Journal and discussed the British single-payer universal healthcare system.