...... Perhaps liberals might understand the sham really going on with illegal  immigration. You will have a better idea if you just keep reading.


I’m very familiar with El Paso, as our company has had a business located there since 1991. I could tell from the background of the newscasts she was nowhere near the border, where Juarez Mexico lies on the other side of the Rio Grande River. Our office is closer to the border than she was. She stopped for a photo op, 93 days late, on her way to California.

Vice President Harris, selected for gender and race rather than any actual qualifications, showed how incompetent she is for the vice-presidential job. She will be even more inept when she takes over the presidency for Biden in a year or so.

Unless she had been sneaking down to Tijuana for illegal activities while living in California, she lied to reporters when boasting she’d been to the border many times. During the press conference at the airport, she deferred to other people when unable to verbalize anything of substance. This gave the bubble-headed Texas Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, an opportunity to absurdly blurt out El Paso was the “new Ellis Island.” Wonder how the folks here legally thought about that. Maybe the Feds can build a gigantic statue of Biden and Obama waving illegal immigrants across from the south to compete with the Statue of Liberty. “Give us your tired, your poor, your masses to the front of the line, yearning to vote Democrat.”

For the record, El Paso happens to be far away from the actual border crises created by the Biden administration. People in Chicago are closer to New York City than Harris was to the real immigration catastrophe, which is near Brownsville TX. 

She never actually went to the border. Instead, she visited a Border Patrol station nine miles north - comparable to visiting a toll booth, only with guns. She spoke to a couple immigrant girls and then enjoyed photo-ops for the fawning media. These photos will become historical documentation to her “humanistic act,” until future scholars get a chance to laughingly set the record straight.

Harris was gone before one o’clock in the afternoon. It was all political kabuki theater, and only came about so she could beat Trump to the border to avoid further criticism.