What if there was a wretched disease threatening the population that had killed thousands and you, as a medical researcher, had, after laborious hours of research studying the disease, successfully formulated a vaccine? Hallelujah; not only will this disease be wiped from the face of the earth, but it’s a gold mine, the mother lode. You have the opportunity of a lifetime to become exceedingly rich!

Polio is known to have infected people as far back as ancient Egypt. In the year 1952 alone polio had infected 60,000 children in the US crippling thousands while taking more than 3,000 lives. Dr. Jonas Salk announced to the world on a national radio show in 1953 that he had successfully tested a vaccine against polio. At last, the world would be free of this deadly crippling disease! But wait, it gets better. Dr. Salk was not a greedy profiteer; he was “gifting” this miracle to the world, and to future generations that would only read about polio in the history books. Appropriately, Dr. Salk was celebrated as the great doctor-benefactor of his time.

Then fast forward to the year 2020 as a new strain of the coronavirus is again killing thousands.

Canadian-American motivational public speaker Brian Tracy contends that, “Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?” It seems that that’s where we are today, greed is crawling out from under its rock and inflicting itself on the critical needs of our health providers as they struggle to serve the public.

Suppliers with their eye on the prize, are looking to profit from the pain and fear of others by unscrupulous price gouging as much as 800% on some essential items during the pandemic.

Disgusted and irate, 33 state attorneys general sent letters to Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Facebook and Craigslist to complain that these companies’ efforts to crack down on overpriced items on their online sites have so far “failed to remove unconscionably priced critical supplies.”