Here I sit on day eighteen of quarantine, listening to classic rock music at a decibel level my wife thinks absurd for a 63-year-old man. I’ve been playing albums from the mid-70s, and well, I listened to them loud back then too. In addition to turning the music down, she also suggested I write something other than about politicians because it might be affecting my mood. Bah humbug!

We are fortunate to have grandchildren, ranging from ages twelve to two. What a blessing! We sometimes wonder how we could have skipped having children and gone straight to grandchildren. It’s hilarious watching our three daughters arguing with their kids about the same issues we argued about when they were little. We’re so looking forward to the day our son experiences the joy of squabbling with a younger version of himself. Wait till those munchkins start getting drivers licenses!

Right now, due to the China-bug, we’re missing our grandkids…a lot, as I’m sure you are as well. We have an “Alexa” that we can talk to and watch them at the same time. Despite the wonders of technology, it’s not the same. They either ham it up or wander off in mid-sentence. You can’t hug, tickle or smell them either. (Having said that, there are times I’m not missing smelling that two-year-old, regardless of how cute he is.)

What do you suppose is going through the impressionable minds of kids right now? Their whole world has been turned upside down. No structure - school, ballgames or practices, birthday parties, or going out to dinner - normal parts of ordinary life. I suppose some of the new home time regimen - if there is any - might be good for them. But, at their young ages, is there a way for them to comprehend a virus even most adults can’t rationally fathom?

Youngsters have to be frightened whether or not they say so. They hear their parents discuss or fight about safety measures, or see snippets on television of things young minds can’t comprehend. My daughters’s families’ have different ways of handling this issue, but those kids know something major is happening.

I have so many reservations about this virus, as do my friends and business peers. To make matters worse, there is abundant finger-pointing as to whose fault this might be or who didn’t do enough, rather than everyone pulling together. In times like this, one would think rational people would take the direction of the person elected to lead the country, but as I pointed out in a previous commentary, there are those soles who sit on the sideline complaining about what the people fighting the battle are doing. It’s easy to do from a condo in Florida or your mom’s basement in Chicago.

Our news organizations make it worse. They salaciously report on the amount of people who have the virus and died, but ignore reporting the number of people that have recovered. The AP reported on March 31 that the US had climbed past China in virus cases.  Bull! Do you really believe anything China tells us about this bug? Kids hear this crap too.