Known as the Diaspora, beginning as early as 733 BCE, the Jews (The early Israelites) had been exiled from Israel, some sold into slavery. In the following century’s conflicts with Assyrians, Babylonians and with the Roman Empire, Jews had been scattered across Europe and the Middle East. In the late 1800s tensions were ramping (again) in the Middle-East as European Jews began slowly migrating back to Palestine which was then a part of the Ottoman Empire controlled by the British. For the Jews it was (as Bible scholars know) their ancestral homeland. In the Old Testament book of Genesis God had given “The Promised Land” to Abraham and his people. Following WWII there began a full scale exodus back to that homeland as European Jews fought to claim back a Jewish state. That didn’t sit well with the Arab/Muslims who, after centuries, claimed the land as their own. Since 1947 when the “War of Independence” established the nation of Israel there have been more than a dozen wars between Israel and Arab/Muslim factions, mostly territorial wars. Because of that history there is a certain assumption that Jews and Muslims would be natural enemies and it would be impossible for them to co-exist let alone support one another. Well, in the Middle East those tensions continue! But when Jews and Muslims moved 10,000 miles to America, a land that advertises acceptance of everyone, an all-inclusive refuge for people of all colors, all religions, it can be very different.