As a result of Mr. Cummings having the need to include my name in his touching letter to the editor, I feel the need to respond as I am in awe of Mr. Will Cummings; there are very few humans that were endowed with the uncanny ability to read other peoples’ hearts and minds. I would encourage him to re-read my letter to the editor; no where did I mention the United States, I did not call the U.S.A. a Christian country, I did not call for a holy war on Muslims, American or otherwise. Perhaps Mr. Cummings could assist me in furthering my educatiion; I thought the term separation of church and state was in the Federalist Papers. I am hard pressed to find it in the Constitution. I whole -heartedly agree with him; this country did include the freedom of religion for its citizens in that historical document, so it is perfectly OK for Mr. Cummings to convert to Islam if he has not already done so; therefore, I am not sure what his point is.

George Harvick