• October 13, 2019

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LGBT Education

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Posted: Wednesday, August 28, 2019 1:49 pm

In a case of keeping up with the Joneses, Illinois Governor Pritzker is doing it again, signing bills seeping from Boss Madigan. In this case, the Joneses are California, Oregon, Colorado, and New Jersey. Jeez, JB, the fact that California is doing something should be your first clue to do differently.

Effective July 1, 2020, Illinois schools must include the positive contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals in history classes. Additionally, they must use textbooks that include the roles of LGBT people.

If you guessed I have issues with this bill, you’d be right. Sorry, my “Chebanse” instincts have kicked in. But not for reasons the LGBT community might think. Please understand, this is not a gay rant. Love who you want, it’s none of my business…as long as it’s not my wife! If you’ve got someone making your socks go up and down, that’s fantastic and I’m delighted for you.

Why limit the new law just to “positive” contributions? We were taught about notorious Americans - Benedict Arnold, John Wesley Hardin, or Al Capone, as examples. They were presumedly straight as there is no indication otherwise. Is the new directive going to specifically omit someone like serial killer John Wayne Gacy just because he was gay? Will students ever know about the shenanigans and appalling acts perpetrated by gay Congressman Barney Frank, who was accused of being a sexual predator, as well as the primary architect leading to the subprime mortgage crisis that almost brought this country to its knees?  What’s the agenda behind just positive contributions? 

I have a passion for history. I’ve read volumes about people like Abe Lincoln or the Founding Fathers. I marvel at what they accomplished in such rudimentary eras and have written commentary commending them in a past column. Historical anecdotes are often included in my commentaries and books.

In school, book reports were written about the Vikings. I had an affinity for Russian history, especially the Romanovs and Stalin.  Loved Civil War history. I crave antiquity, to the chagrin of my wife, as we watch a lot of documentaries. 

I mention this, not to impress with my historical prowess, but to point out a curious detail. In all my years in school and watching documentaries, rarely, if ever, was a person’s sexuality mentioned – it was a non-event.

Frankly, the sexuality of a historical figure never resonated with me until last year when a biased report was regurgitated speculating Lincoln might have been gay. Because Abe slept in the same bed with his business partner when traveling, a common practice at the time due to Motel 6 not having their light on yet, it led to wishful thinking, disguised as speculation that a married man of four kids was gay.

What reason but the brazen promotion of liberalness is there for an elementary school to teach my young impressionable granddaughter that Michelangelo or Florence Nightingale, two great historical figures, might have been gay? What did their sexuality have to do with their contributions to mankind? Teddy Roosevelt’s mug is on Mt. Rushmore for his greatness. Quick, name either of his wives. Bet not only can’t you do it, you didn’t know he was married twice....

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