The U.S. Senate traditionally has a vetting process for cabinet appointees for a new presidential administration called “confirmation hearings.” The bi-partisan committee, equally staffed with Republicans and Democrats “usually” questions the nominees extensively to examine their views, their ethics and their qualifications for the position. With that done they either move them to a full Senate vote, or reject them on a majority committee vote. Under the best of circumstances, that’s how it’s done! With the confirmations of two of President Trump’s more controversial nominees, Tom Price for Health and Human Services and Steven Mnuchin for the Treasury Department, the Democrats walked out of the hearing in protest. It was out of fear that the Republicans were not allowing time to get answers to serious concerns. According to the (old) rules at least one Democrat must be present for the vote to be held. Casting that aside the Republicans unilaterally voted and passed the nominees for conformation. Under the leadership of President Trump, the traditions and rules of our democracy have changed! Both political parties, in the past, has honored those traditions of our government, our Constitution and our congress as almost sacred rites. No longer! Democrats had walked out of the Senate Finance Committee confirmation hearing room, saying they could not allow a vote to proceed without more information about Tom Price's stock purchase in an Australian biotechnology company. Senator Price’s purchases smelled of disreputable use of the senators “insider information” and his ability as a senator to affect those stock prices after purchase.