Correctional institutions are not nice places! We know that! The people incarcerated there have committed some kind of crime against our society, something that is outside of the norm of acceptable behavior. Of course there is a difference between what is called a “white collar” crime and a “blue collar crime”. We’ve heard the stories about the “country club” prisons for Wall Street-type criminals and how plush they are by comparison to Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s tent city facility in Maricopa County, Arizona. Joe lost his last bid for another term as sheriff but Joe had been both heralded for his tough, no frills handling of inmates and vilified for his sometimes over-the-top disregard for his inmates as human beings. Yet, Joe was a nursery school attendant compared to a story that re-emerged recently when charges were being considered against four prison guards for the 2012 death of Darren Rainey, a schizophrenic man serving time in Florida for cocaine possession. Rainey was being punished for unspecified reasons by being thrown into a shower that was turned up to 180 degrees by four corrections officers, John Fan Fan, Cornelius Thompson, Ronald Clarke, and Edwina Williams.