A conundrum exists here in the US for those in the ministry who have dedicated their lives to righting society’s wrongs. The US Constitution rightfully has provided a separation between church and state that discourages politics from the pulpit. But then what are clergy to do when government places itself in conflict with moral values? Our First Amendment provides each of us with the freedom to practice the religion of our choice. The fathers of this nation had taken efforts to prevent a religious state, a theocracy, to take root here, the likes of which dominate many countries in the Middle East and dictates how its citizens must worship. Theocracies there are responsible for the turmoil and wars that have been going on for 2,000 years, not to mention the suppression of human and gender rights. Still it is incumbent upon our clergymen to speak out against moral injustice as defined in Christianity’s doctrine. The dilemma is in broaching a subject that can be seen as a political issue without politicking from the pulpit.