The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is a publication that was founded by former Manhattan Project physicists after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In 1947 The Bulletin created a clock to convey the urgent threat that represents how close humankind is to destroying our world with nuclear weapons. On the clock the stroke of midnight represents the end of human existence. More recently other threats such as climate change are also taken into account as well as two additional troubling concerns in each decision to advance the clock’s hands. First is the growing disregard for science and for scientific expertise and secondly the “cavalier and reckless language” used by leaders around the globe and lately during and after the U.S. presidential election. In 2016 the clock remained at three minutes to midnight. The morning of January 26, 2017, the Doomsday Clock was moved forward to two minutes and 30 seconds to midnight, the closest to doomsday the world has been since 1953. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is Supreme Leader of an isolated society. Largely inaccessible to the rest of the world its people live under one-party rule. Officially it’s called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. But make no mistake, it is Kim’s Republic, not the Korean people’s. It is a totalitarian state in which the people are denied access to news from the outside. Yet the leader Kim Jong Un grew up in privilege; his father and his grandfather had both been the nation’s “supreme leader” before him. Being told “no” was not something he ever had to adjust to. To preserve his position Kim Jong Un even had his brother assassinated, and fearing the possibility of a military coup, Kim has had several military leaders executed, including his own uncle!