Well, they did it… the Senate passed a tax cut bill, no matter that it’s unpopular! Americans who ordinarily favor tax cuts now poll only 25 per cent in favor and a whopping 51 per cent against after learning that they are being thrown under the bus to pay for it! Now it’s up to the GOP senators and house members to draft a final version that Trump will sign. In fact he’ll sign anything that will make it look like he’s actually doing something. Republicans in Congress are desperate to pass a bill, in spite of the fact that both the Joint Committee on Taxation, a joint committee of the United States Congress, and the bi-partisan Congressional Budget Office, report that the cuts will add $1.4 trillion to the deficit. Adding to the deficit is normally a no-no for Republicans. But, “not to worry” the Republicans are adding a trigger that will invoke the Pay-go rule taking money from other programs to pay for it! The GOP plan is to take it from Social Security and Medicare! Remember… those programs that you paid into all your life so that you could live comfortably in retirement? Beyond that, according to the CBO the bill will take a collective $5.3 billion in additional taxes from those Americans making $40 to $70 thousand per year to pay for a tax cut of a collective $5.8 billion to those making $1million and up!