The Trump Administration, or at least the GOP-led Congress has a number of items on their agenda, although they may not have the same wish list. President Trump continues to play to his adoring base and attempts to advance his campaign promises, if only to keep the praise coming. The Republicans in Congress want to stay on his good side, if possible, so that their passed legislation will be willingly signed by the President. The recent Russia Sanctions bill tested that willingness! One of their priority items is a budget that includes tax reform that will likely focus on tax cuts for the top income earners! Its common Washington rhetoric among tax cut fanatics in Congress that U.S. corporate taxes which are, on the surface, about 14 points higher than the average among industrialized countries, make it harder for domestic corporations to compete in global markets. True that the US corporate tax rate is 35 percent, but almost zero corporations pay that! The statutory rate doesn't reflect the write-offs in the tax code that reduce the "effective rate" on corporate profits which is what business actually pays in taxes as a share of their profits. Those write-offs were largely intended to encourage corporations to invest in the US economy by expanding business and hiring American workers, and that seldom happens.