Well, some members of the Republican establishment got their wish! The man who had almost singlehandedly provided a (mis)direction for the newly elected Trump Administration is out! As far back as 2015 Donald Trump, not yet a candidate for the presidency, was enamored with Bannon’s (Breitbart’s) harda** style! Trump had openly admitted he lacked policy positions and had been all over the boards as a Democrat and an Independent before running for president in 2016 as a Republican. Previously his total interaction with politics had been to gain favor with politicians by giving them money. It was entirely transactional, not ideological! He had some idea’s, but? So when Trump decided to run for president, he contacted Bannon. A deal was cast between ‘Jabez Stone’ and ‘Mr. Scratch’, with no oversight from Daniel Webster! And “the devil” immediately began amplifying the misguided concepts Trump had for running a country, giving some mainline Republicans in congress an acute case of buyer’s remorse. Then the cabinet nominations came. Contenders were not the more savvy people that establishment candidates like a Jeb Bush or a John Kasich would have chosen, had they survived the primary. Still, the GOP in Congress, had one of their own in the White House, and control of all three branches of government, how bad could it be? One mandate of “Federal” agencies is to strive for uniformity throughout the country so that (in theory at least) no single state or locality is treated with preference over others. The hundreds of thousands of people who work within these agencies are there because of their expertise and their dedication. They are not politicians, they are not “elected," they are hired, maybe recruited is a better word, to do the work that keeps the nation humming. So when the EPA responds to a massive toxic waste spill or a Deepwater Horizon explosion, or puts a coal company on notice that it’s breaking the law by polluting the surrounding air and water with its carcinogens, it is taking on a task on behalf of all Americans, not just the locals who happen to be affected; it is applying a national policy and setting precedent. But the Trump picks for such important agencies raised eyebrows from day one.