Did you hear that Democratic Chairman and life-long Swamp creature, Tom Perez has banned Fox News from televising any of the 12 primary debates? Seems Mr. Perez is concerned there might be some ties between President Trump and Fox News, the one news source not dedicated to a constant stream of anti-Trump rhetoric. Others have opined Perez thought Fox News hosts asked questions that were too tough on the candidates in the past, which of course was denied.

Mr. Perez obtained his information of possible Trump-to-Fox-ties from an article published by Jane Mayer in the New Yorker magazine, a far-left leaning publication. She stated that then-candidate Trump MAY have been tipped off to questions during the 2016 Republican primary debates by various Fox News sources.

In the prior sentence please notice I used capital letters for the word “MAY”, meaning it may or may not have happened, and as yet to be proven. This is in stark contrast to the fact that the prior DNC Chairwoman, Donna Brazille admitted to tipping off Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential debates…twice. In other words, Trump MAY have gotten inside questions but we KNOW Clinton got inside questions.

To date, the DNC has awarded rights to televise the debates to NBC and CNN. One would think in the political morass we now find ourselves, the DNC would want the largest audiences possible for the upcoming presidential debates. How else are they going to take back the White House from that dastardly Trump? Surely, they are aware Fox News annihilates CNN regularly in cable ratings every time the numbers are released. At this time, there are twice as many viewers to Fox News as there are to CNN News.

Why would Mr. Perez and the DNC want to close off millions of potential viewers to the DNC debates? I personally might watch NBC, but I can guarantee the DNC right now, I wouldn’t watch CNN if Jesus himself was hosting the debate. CNN and their CEO, Mark Zucker are that untrustworthy. I know a lot of people that feel the same way about CNN. Please, before you anti-Webber folks tell yourself the same is true of your feelings about Fox “Noise”, look at the ratings. The Nickelodeon and Hallmark Channels rate higher than CNN.