Opinion:  How Much Are You Willing To Pay For Your Cheeseburger?

Five agonizing months into his presidency, yet the media is still fawning, the local op-ed writers are conspicuously quiet, and Biden voters are still talking about Trump. The fact is, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., is a disaster of epic proportions.

Why are those people that were so sensitive and angered about the mean tweets from the Bad Orange Man now so silent? If nothing else, they should be ashamed of the doddering old fool now doodling behind the Resolute Desk.

I’m aware calling a sitting president of the United States a “Manchurian Moron” and a “doddering old fool” is disrespectful to the office and those suffering with dementia-like issues. My apologies to the latter.

What else can be said or done to draw Biden voters out? The collective silence is deafening. I’m hoping to have offended at least one Biden supporter enough to say something in defense of Biden’s performance - so the rest of us might know what he’s done for America. 

Are Biden voters vaguely aware, or understand, these soaring inflation numbers? Consumer prices have risen 5% over the past year - the largest spike since the collapse in 2008. Gas is up 56%! We have 1% less spending power monthly during this Socialist Revolution. Interest rates will surely be increased soon to curb the inflation. Yet, the Manchurian Moron is planning a tax hike!

Currently, there are 9.3 million job openings. Businesses can’t fill those positions because 3.5 million people are sitting on their duff collecting unemployment benefits while Biden pays them a supplemental $300 per week to stay home. If Biden feels he must spend trillions of dollars, with that many jobs open, perhaps the $300 should be given to the people that are working so as to induce others back to work. 

High unemployment further drives inflation because employers have to charge more to compensate for lack of production. If Wally’s Widget World has been charging “X” for widgets, but less widgets sell due to less manufacturing, Wally has to increase the price of widgets in order to keep up with expenses that keep Wally’s doors open. This is why a 2” x 4” board that used to be $2 is now $9.

White House mouthpiece, Jen Psaki, curtly asserted, “companies should pay higher wages to incentivize more workers to come back into the workforce.” This is what happens when you have people in government who never worked for a living. If employers pay more to bring people back to work, they, again, will have to increase pricing. Wage increases need to be evolutionary, not revolutionary. A larger paycheck to a hamburger flipper doesn’t mean much if the price of everything has gone up more than the flipper’s wages. Just how much are you willing to pay for your favorite fast-food cheeseburger?