Only in America can someone, usually a politician, serve up a triple decker sandwich and call it a “nothingburger.” At least that’s what political apologists on TV news are calling every potential scandal in the Trump administration that comes along. But usually that “nothingburger,” at least in political terms, really does contain some meat! Anything from a splash of au jus on the bun to something that makes Detroit-area restaurant owner Steve Mallie’s world record 134-pound burger look like a White Castle slider. Incidentally Mallie’s burger holds that world’s record for the "largest hamburger commercially available.” No kidding, I wouldn’t lie to you, it’s available and sells for $350! Still don’t believe, just Google it! Mallie’s "Absolutely Ridiculous Burger (as it’s called)," is made with beef, bacon and cheese, and delivered on a 50-pound bun. But, no fast food here– orders require a 24-hour notice. If you have no respect for your arteries, Mallie’s phone number is (734) 287-0800: Open daily 12 p.m. (noon) to 12 a.m. (midnight). Small burgers are also on the menu in the 6- and 12-pound range! However, I digress! Getting back to subject of “nothingburgers,” typically new buzz phrases get worn to death. During the 2016 primary slang terms like “kids table”, and “double down”, and “game changer” and my (least) favorite, “going forward” found their way into every debate, interview and news report making listeners question if the candidates and news analysts had anything resembling a viable vocabulary!